Saturday, July 12, 2008

Four Cousins and a Funeral

Here is a picture of the completed EZ Baby Surprise Jacket that I promised a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, a little family business delayed the finish of the jacket. Of course, the fact that I decided on the I-cord bind off also took a lot of extra time. It's worth it though, what do you think?
A sad thing - an aunt died, that was the "family business." It seems like the only time our family gets together is for weddings and funerals. I hope the next event is a wedding! I did get to see my favorite cousins and catch up on their families. They are all grandparents. That would make me feel old, except they are all older than I am anyway. (ha,ha)

Now that I am finally finished with the jacket, I find that the intended recipient will be too big by the time it is seasonally appropriate. You know, when I was with my cousins, my cousin Donna said that it looks like I was the only one to inherit our grandmother's knitting gene. It reminded me that our Nana was not a gauge knitter. She made a sweater and you were lucky if it fit. She made me a beautiful tennis sweater once, when I was around 12. I think I wore it once before I outgrew it! I was lucky to get some sweaters from my cousin Joanne as she outgrew them.

Speaking of knitting(!) this is what I have on the needles now - 2 socks (different), 1 lace scarf, 1 lace shawl (I finally started the Heartland KAL from Ravelry) click here for free pattern, and the EZ Adult Surprise Jacket that got sidelined for the BSJ. Stay tuned - pictures of all to follow.

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  1. lovely BSJs, i need to get motoring on mine, but after the shetland shawl, and the swallowtail, and the FIL socks... and and.... argh.

    I'm sorry to hear about your aunt - I hope too the next one is a wedding!