Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soggy MDS&W

Please disregard the dates printed on the pictures - I failed to reset after changing the battery - rest assured that all pictures were taken on May 3, 2009 - that wet & sodden day!

I got to the Howard County Fairgrounds at about 8:45 in a light but steady rain. Luckily, I was prepared with my waterproof shoes and hooded rain jacket (thanks to my previous rainy trip to the PNW, I was ready!)First stop - Brooks Farm. I skipped them at Rhinebeck and couldn't wait to see what I missed.
What a steal! This Harmony, a wool, silk, angora blend has been discontinued. All 2000 yards of it for $40! How could I pass it up?

More from Brooks Farm - to make this lovely knitted Triple S Shawl.

...and some more, just 'cause I liked it
Some wool/yak blend from Bijou Bison......and then Jennie the Potter and Moving Mud

I don't know why they gave me those Idaho Spuds at Jennie the Potter - I think she is from Minnesota! I bought a mug to go with the bowl I bought at Rhinebeck and a card of ceramic buttons. The Moving Mud buttons will go on my Hey Teach sweater. The March Hare sock yarn and chi chi Signature 5" DPN's topped off my purchases.
The March Hare yarn is lovely and soft and the color is a deep beautiful dark blue - Night I also bought some in a beautiful red called Ruby Slippers, but I gave it to one of my AL ladies before I took the pictures - she loved it.
Of course I did get some pictures of sheep...
...and the Ravelry meet-up...

...and then on home to try and dry out. While my rain gear kept me relatively dry, by the end of the day my finger tips were all scrinched up - like a prune! Well here's hoping that the sun will be shining on me at Rhinebeck!