Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One World Moebius & Spoiler for Socky Socktopus Club

As promised, here is a picture of the Sivia Harding Elegant Arrows Moebius that I started on Inauguration Day. Knitters from all over the country cast on a Moebius for Peace during the inauguration. For more info on the pattern and yarn used, check here. Sorry I am not a better photographer!This is the beginning of my Super Socky Socktopus January 09 Club sock. The color comes up accurately in the first picture - it is a beautiful peppermint stick colorway. The yarn is pretty amazing - it is called Evolution & is exclusive to Chameleon Colorworks. It is mechanically stretched which changes the texture to a buttery soft hand that must be felt to be believed. I did not join this club until the last minute, but I am so glad I did.
Of course, leave it to mismalice to put together an incredible package! The pattern, written by our own Socktopus, Alice Yu, is for bed socks - the extras include a foot pampering set with a lovely peppermint/grapefruit scent. The scent permeated the silvery package and whiffs of the bouquet drift up to you as you knit away. I am waiting to treat my feet until my socks are finished. Again, I apologise for my photography skills.

I expect to receive my Rockin' Sock Club package any day now. In February, the Woolgirl Sock Club starts and then in March, the Woolgirl Embrace the Lace Club begins. Please feel free to hit me with a stick if you see me buying anymore yarn this year!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mitts & WIP's

I started working at The Knitting Store in Cherry Hill New Jersey a couple of months ago. What a great job - I get to be around yarn all day. I have found that I really enjoy speaking with the customers and sharing my expertise, such as it is. While I have been giving impromptu lessons at our monthly knitting group and to anyone who asks, yesterday I taught my first formal class - Mittens 101.

The students are either fairly new knitters or those who are returning to knitting after a long absence. They all did a great job making their thumb gussets & next week we will do our top and thumb and then "Bob's your uncle," we'll have a mitten!

While we were chatting about different projects, I realized how many current projects I have on the needles. Here is a selection of the ones that are surrounding my knitting chair and that I knit on at least once a week:

This is Gossamer Stars - a lace scarf from Interweave Knits summer '08 issue made in Blue Heron Yarns Rayon Metallic - Strawberry. This is a dream to knit with. I am about three quarters done.

This is JC Briars Gumdrops pattern from the BMFA Rockin Socks Club - it was the July '08 shipment so it will be available to the general public in July of this year. I may have this pair done by sock camp (fingers crossed!)

This is my EZ Adult Surprise Jacket - the pattern is available in several Elizabeth Zimmerman books and at many yarn stores. I am using Claudia Handpaints Chunky in Black Walnut, Teal Party & Desert Dusk along with Classic Elite Duchess color # 1076 (Brown) and Cascade 220 teal (using 2 strands) I am having trouble pushing the stitches along the cable. It is murder on my poor arthritic wrists. I think that I will add another long circ to spread the stitches out. If that doesn't work, I think this yarn will have to be used for something else, it is just too painful.

On the other hand, this one is a pleasure to knit - the cover scarf from Vogue Knitting Winter '09 issue knitted with 2 strands of Limited Edition ALPACA Bulky from the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America. I don't know if this yarn is generally available. I bought it at Bay Springs Alpaca Farm - they are a member of the co-op. The yarn is not dyed and comes in shades of Alpaca! (from cream on through the browns and almost black)

Last but not least is the One World Moebius for Peace that I cast on during the inauguration. It is the Elegant Arrows pattern from Sivia Harding. The pattern is available for free from Sivia Harding's web site. I only have three rows left to go on this and then the beaded bind off. This is the project that I am really working on at this point. It is knit in Paca-Paints 100% Superfine Alpaca from The Alpaca Yarn Company in Desert Sunset colorway. Of course this does not include some various other projects, like the "car socks" that I knit on when I am stuck in traffic, etc.
I did finish the February Lady Sweater and it turned out very well. I will post a picture of it soon, along with this other stuff - as soon as I finish.