Saturday, November 1, 2008

More from Rhinebeck 2008

Allrighty, here are the pictures I promised. I will post the "in progress and FO's as I start and complete. The only thing is, I bought more yarn at work to do a February Ladies Sweater, and that is what I am working on now. Also in progress are September Rockin' Sock Club socks (one sock 3/4's done), Gossamer Stars Scarf from Summer 2008 Interweave Knits (5/8's done), Adult Surprise Jacket (10% done), and couple of other socks that I work on when the mood strikes me.

I'm tired of tak
ing pictures, but I will post pictures of my UFO's next week - Now for the good stuff!!!! First is some beautiful Gnomespun 50/50 Alpaca/Bluefaced Leicester - incredibly soft & given to me by CathyCate.
Next is m
y weaving project - the class I took was taught by Eileen Easterly from Millpoint Emporium. That cute little ball is my most indulgent purchase - Qiviat/silk from Windy Valley Musk Ox. The photo doesn't do it justice. The color glows like a jewel. Then comes the luscious Springtide Farm cashmere.

Please click on the pictures to get the full effect!

This ceramic bowl, with the sheep design is designed to allow you to knit from a round ball of yarn without having it skitter all over the floor. Notice the "J" shape carved into the side to the side to feed the yarn. Ingenious! From Jennie the Potter.
Next is Briar Rose, my favorite of the show. I even ordered some more that had been sold out. You must click on the link - my picture does not do it justice! All of these yarns are incredibly soft and the colors are to "dye" for. Chris, the owner couldn't be nicer. I'm not sure why I bought the yarn in the next picture, I will probably make a heavy sweater.
It is from Seacolors.
Holiday Yarns completes the purchases. They are formerly known as Vanacler Acres and are home to the Tsock Tsarina. The 4 little skeins in the center make the "Iceman" sock pictured.
Last but not least is the swag that was given to me by my wonderful housemates Socktopus - the cute bag, sock key chain/needle sizer & a skein of Malabrigio sock yarn and Misknits - the adorable Sock
Monkey Project Bag.
We all had a
fabulous time and I can't wait for next year!